Ages 3-7

In this level, your junior will learn techniques to progress all the way from basic hand eye coordination skills to understanding racquet technique, proper swing paths, footwork and consistency.


Ages 7-9

In this level, juniors get used to a slightly bigger racquet and tennis court as well as a slightly smaller yet higher bouncing ball. Their tennis knowledge will advance from a basic level to a true understanding of the game.


Ages 9-11

At the challenger level, juniors play on a full size court, covering more ground with a higher bouncing ball. They learn consistency, court placement, shot selection/direction and efficient footwork. This level helps transition from fundamentals to a more advanced approach.


Ages 12-18

Masters has a variety of offerings to match age and level gaps that lie within this stage. Match play is a key component to a junior's development and progression at this level. With a focus on both the physical and mental strategy of the game, it also provides players with match strategy that they can utilize in high school, USTA tournaments, and game scenarios as the player grows.