Indoor Junior Tennis Program

Here at the  Hall of Fame Tennis Club in Newport, RI, we understand that focusing on the individual is the key to personal success. As a result, our newly constructed Junior Tennis program will be focusing on the progression of each of our junior players, one by one. This program allows us the unique opportunity to move your junior player from the early stages of their tennis development (Futures Red Ball ages 3-6), through to Masters 1500 ages 14-18, if that is the goal your player sets to achieve.

Our program also allows new players to join us at any time, be accurately assessed and placed in the appropriate group that will place him or her on the right track to success. Our Vision for our program also revolves around teaching the importance of leadership on the court, so that our players can take those skills and apply them to each aspect of their life off court as well. Emphasizing good sportsmanship and respecting one’s fellow competitor(s) and the game of tennis itself will be a topic that we will be addressing with our players on a daily basis.

Our junior program offers group instruction from ages 3-18 with specific classes for each age group and skill level. As you’ll notice we use the ten and under tennis format and feel that it is truly the best way to develop players ages 11 and under. We understand that ten and under tennis is still new to some and also understand that with anything new comes questions curiosity and at times concern, however we would like to calm those thoughts. While ten and under tennis is somewhat new to America it has been around internationally for almost half a century, and has been a major factor in developing junior players worldwide. Through this system we have now been making great strides in player development and hope this will lead to the next great wave of American tennis players.   

With respect to programming and on-court development, drill work, strategy talk, technical implementation and support, match play, as well as mental toughness, footwork, and fitness will all be our key focuses, as our students advance through our program. Each of these learned skills prove to complement one another to develop a well-rounded player.

Our Professional Coaching Staff includes a top junior coach at the national level and a fitness and footwork specialist. Our coaching and playing careers, along with our desire to stress the importance of techniques relevant to today’s fast-paced, ever-evolving game, prove to be of the utmost importance to junior players and a unique combination found only at the Hall of Fame Tennis Club. 

The Hall of Fame Tennis Club’s Indoor/Outdoor facility is state of the art and includes six indoor courts (three courts are bubbled during the winter months and open up to outdoor use in the summer), a viewing gallery for on lookers, a beautiful Pro Shop offering all the latest styles and equipment, as well as a Fitness Center, locker rooms and a common area to relax after a hard day’s on-court workout. As you scroll through the website, you will see all that the new facility has to offer and why we’re so excited to be part of this building’s new beginning.          

As our students ease their way into our intuitive program, we will explain to each player the importance of both fun and competition. It has been proven that when one (Competition vs. Fun), outweighs the other, players and their games become static and progression and interest suffer. Both competition and fun are vital to a player’s growth and mental toughness and learning to balance the two are crucial.

We are looking forward to partner with you on this journey known as tennis. We’ll see you on the courts!