The Adult singles league is a system for ranking a group of players based on percentage of games won. It is an excellent way to improve your match skills and meet new players from the club. The challenge system allows you to participate at your own schedule with a few simple rules to follow. The cost per match is $28/player which includes a can of balls along with 1.5 hrs of court time. Players interested in playing are able to sign up at any point during the year. Come test your match skills and climb to the top of our singles league.


Sign up at the Pro Shop or call 401-849-4777. Fee is $28 per match per player. Includes one can of balls and 1.5 hrs of court time.


CHALLENGING:  You may challenge any player within the league.

BEST TWO OUT OF THREE SETS: All challenge matches must be played in the best two out of three sets  format with a seven-point tiebreaker played if any set is tied at 6-6. Players will spin a racquet or flip a coin to determine the initial serve or side of the court.

RULES: The Rules of Tennis will apply to all challenge matches so please become familiar with such rules. These rules may be found at

RANKINGS: After every challenge match, the winner must report the score to the tennis shop. At the end of each week, scores are updated and sent out to all participants. The top 3 players at the end of the season will be awarded.

If you are interested in joining the Singles League please email, Samantha Evans at